Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Mysticism of George Lucas

by Frank D'Arcy

Where and/or what is Scythia? Scythia was in Eurasia in a region between the Carpathian Mountains just north of the Black Sea, extending from the Danube to China. Think “Dracula territory”. As far as I’ve been able to research, there is no record of Scythian writing, though some claim the language is related to Iranian (others dispute this). Scythians were called “the most ancient race of the world” and were considered older than the Egyptians. The Scythians  were known for producing ornaments, vases and weapons, and were perhaps some of the first bronze and iron workers, and among the first to have chariots and horse soldiers (with saddles). The Scythians flourished from the 8th to the 4th century BCE, and their archaeological remains include royal burial mounds that often contained horse skeletons.

“Royal Scyths” established their kingdom in the Eastern Crimea region sometime prior to the 9th century BCE, and traded grain and services for Greek wine and luxury items. 

Over time, the Scythians were absorbed by the Yazig and Sarmatian people. An interesting note here is that an ancient word for iron is Kalybs, and the Romans took some of the Yazig cavalry with them to early Britain. This could be where the legend of King Arthur and Excalibur (Kalybs?) originated.

As I researched, one question kept coming to mind: did the “Scyth” inspire George Lucas in his creation of the “Sith”? Perhaps not in the six Star Wars movies as much as in the video game KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic), a storyline that is dated prior to the six films. The Sith of the movies follow the Sith belief system, whereas the “true Sith” are an ancient civilization. No one knows where they came from, and the Sith of KOTOR and the six Star Wars films are descendants of this ancient race. The language of the true Sith can be heard by accessing pyramid shaped holocrons that might be described as “talking books” that fit into the palm of the hand. Only Dark Lords can access the Sith holo-crons, which date back over a hundred thousand years. A most ancient people, indeed, and one with great knowledge. 

From interviews we know that George Lucas was influenced by the teachings of Joseph Campbell, who wrote extensively about the power in myth. I wonder if Mr. Lucas was also influenced by ancient history and the Scyth and Sith are either one and the same, or at least somehow related.

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