Monday, January 12, 2015

Good Luck!

By Contributor S Cunningham

Good luck comes in many forms. Catching the first autumn leaf before it hits the ground supposedly brings good fortune.

Poker players can change a losing streak by turning their chair around three times.

Turning your socks inside out changes bad luck to good.

If you button your clothes crookedly (in the wrong button holes), it will bring good luck.

The four leaf clover is lucky because the leaves symbolize Faith, Hope, Charity and Love.

There is disagreement about which way a horseshoe should be hung for good luck. Some people believe it should be hung with the open side up to hold the luck inside; others believe it should be hung with the open side down so good luck showers down on people as they walk under it.

Keys used in jewelry are considered lucky because the key is a symbol of Janus, the Roman god who rules doorways. The key symbolically opens the door to luck.

Consider this rhyme before picking up a “lucky pin”:
      Find a pin and pick it up,
     And all the day you’ll have good luck..
     If it should point the other way,
     You’d do best to let it lay.
In other words, the point is toward you, it brings good luck, but if the point is away from you, it will not.

We tie shoes to the back of the bride and groom’s car to start them off “on the right foot” for their journey through life as a married couple.

Think what you consider lucky.

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