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The Energy of Abundance – Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom to Achieve Anything You Want In Life, Phyllis King, New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ, 2015, 192pp, $15.99.
The Energy of Abundance: Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom to Achieve Anything You Want in Life

Why don’t we have what we want? Why can’t we get through the blocks that keep us from manifesting our heart’s desire? We are all made of energy and Phyllis King’s book The Energy of Abundance teaches how to use that energy, recognize and overcome blocks, and live a life of abundance.
        I can hear you now, “I create blocks to abundance and happiness?”. Yep. Some of the blocks come from past lives, and King offers help in recognizing and overcoming them. Most blocks are from our present life, and King helps with those, too. She teaches how to play The Energy Game and explains energy in a way that’s so easy to understand.
        Have you ever said someone has “a bad vibe”? You’re tuning in to their energy frequencies, and you can learn to tune into your own in order to raise up from low-level frequencies like anger (over not having what you want), fear (of never succeeding) and frustration (getting in your own way). King teaches how to move up to mid-level frequencies, where you feel more positive and optimistic. But don’t stop there. Keep going and get to the high-level frequencies and experience abundance, joy, and peace.
        Sometimes we don’t want to take an honest look at ourselves, and that’s the first block we need to overcome. Think of apathy and depression: “I’ll never succeed, so why even try?”
        We’ve all been conditioned by society. The people we live with, work with, study with and hang out with influence us positively and negatively. By changing our vibrational level, we will weed out the nay-sayers and welcome new relationships that help us be more positive and optimistic. We have to step over that first hurdle and accept the fact that we can live an abundant life.
        There were times as I read the book that I smacked my head and said, “Well, duh! I should’ve known that.” Kind of an “aha” moment—yeah, I know that, but I never thought of it that way. Sometimes we don’t recognize the blocks or the answers, and that’s why The Energy of Abundance is so helpful. King shows how to listen to our inner voice. What is it saying? Is it negative or positive? If we can change what we think, and raise our energy, we can change who and what we are.
        I could’ve read The Energy of Abundance in one sitting, but I wanted to stop every once in a while to think about what I’d read and absorb the lessons. I wanted to savor it. King explains things in easy to understand language and with stories that help make things clear.
        If you want to learn how to work with energy, raise your vibration, and change your life, The Energy of Abundance should not be on your bookshelf but in your hands. Read it, practice the exercises, and experience a new YOU!
- Rayna Lee


Weapons of the Gods, Nick Redfern, New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ, 2016, 256pp, $16.99.

Weapons of the Gods: How Ancient Alien Civilizations Almost Destroyed the Earth

If you, like me, are a fan of shows like Ancient Aliens and UFO Files, you’ve heard theories about ancient civilizations that obliterated each other (and themselves), possibly with nuclear weapons. How can that be when nuclear power hadn’t been discovered yet? Or had it? Were extraterrestrials fighting aerial battles, or did Mankind somehow learn about the atom thousands and thousands of years ago?
        The Bible, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, even the Qur’an describe incidents reminiscent of the 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
        “Where’s the proof?” you ask. All around us.
        In the 1950s, a layer of green glass was found buried in the deserts of Israel and parts of Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula. Upon closer inspection, it proved to be fused sand resembling trinitite, a radioactive substance found in New Mexico following the first atomic bomb test in 1945. Temperatures in excess of 3,000°F are required to turn sand into trinitite. How could that happen thousands of years ago?
        Between six and seven thousand square miles of black stones have been found in multiple Middle East sites. Like the fused sand, these stones can only be formed under excessively high temperatures. In addition, an extensive layer of radioactive ash has been discovered at Rajasthan, India, an area where we find birth defects often associated with exposure to high levels of radiation.
        Scotland’s vitrified fortresses were built around 700 BCE and the stones were fused together by temperatures at least 2,012°F. Were the stones fused when the fortresses were constructed, or did some high-tech weapon fuse them at the height of battle? What could produce such high temperatures nearly 3000 years ago? 
        Most people don’t know that Sodom and Gomorrah weren’t the only “cities of the Plain.” Zeboim and Admah were also destroyed. Zoar (alternatively known as Zoara and Bela) was spared obliteration. Were the Men in White who warned Lot and his family the biblical version of today’s Men in Black? 
        According to the original Sumerian terminology, Lot’s wife was turned into a “pillar of vapor”, not a pillar of salt. Zechariah Sitchin explained: “Since salt was obtained in Sumer from vapor-filled swamps, the original Sumerian term … came to mean both ‘salt’ and ‘vapor’.” Shadow people appeared on concrete buildings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki when people were vaporized (turned to salt) by the atomic blasts.
        Many scientists explain away many anomalies. Oregon’s Crater Lake, for example, was not formed by aerial battles but by volcanic activity. But how to explain the 1974 discovery in Transylvania of a five-pound wedge-shaped piece of metal that proved to be at least 300 to 400 years old and contained twelve different elements, including 89% aluminum? Aluminum wasn’t produced until 1825. How could a 400-year-old piece of metal contain aluminum?
        Nick Redfern presents information in a way that makes the reader think. That’s what makes his books interesting, entertaining and educational. I highly recommend Weapons of the Gods for anyone interested in taking a different look at Earth’s history. Did ancient man discover the secrets of the atom? Were we visited by extraterrestrials? Were nuclear wars waged on our planet thousands of years ago? How many ancient civilizations have been destroyed?
- Josh Weathers


Agriella’s Castle – Music for a Healing Space, Elders & Ancestors, Paul and April Brown, Mysterium Music,, 2015, CD, $14.98.

Another CD and another get-together with friends to get a variety of reactions. As always, there were “likes” and “dislikes”, with the likes far outweighing the dislikes.
        Paul and April Brown have created music for Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreats. Agriella’s Castle is “music for a healing space”, and the majority of our group found the selections peaceful, soothing, and comforting. Several did moving meditation and tai chi to the music, others closed their eyes and absorbed the healing energies. The dislikes came with tracks one and three: Elders & Ancestors and Breathe respectively, and those who gave these cuts thumbs-down said they prefer meditation music without any voice, whether it’s singing or simply “ahhhh”, which they said was distracting. The majority disagreed and said April Brown’s voice added feeling and emotion to the music.
         Spirit Dreaming has beautiful flute work and the entire group felt its Native American influence. The group agreed that Adrift made them feel as if they were floating down a peaceful river. Those with their eyes closed described (depending on the person) spring flowers beginning to bloom or autumn leaves turning the landscape fiery red and orange; others talked about the clear water with fish darting just beneath the surface.
        I asked each group member to describe Agriella’s Castle in one or two words. Responses included: enchanting, peaceful, ethereal, hopeful, comforting, haunting, love and caring, uplifting, and a balm for my soul.
       From something as ugly as cancer came a CD with beautiful, calming, healing sounds. As one of our group said, “It’s hard to describe how beautiful it is; it’s something you have to experience yourself. I’d tell you to write in your review that the difference between just reading about the CD and listening to it is like talking about love and actually falling deeply, madly in love. You have to experience it first-hand.”
       So, we recommend that you go online, listen to a sample of the CD, and decide for yourself. We think you’ll enjoy it. We’re looking forward to another group review because we feel it expresses more than one opinion.
- Chris Palmer


Ohio’s Haunted Crimes – An Exploration of Ten Haunted Crime Scenes, Kat Klockow, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd, Atglen, PA, 2016, 160pp, $19.99.
Ohio's Haunted Crimes: An Exploration of Ten Haunted Crime Scenes
Halloween is coming, and the curious will flock to allegedly haunted sites for a good scare.
        If you’re in or near Ohio, you might want to read Kat’s book and then visit the haunted sites. Take along a camera and recorder, and let us know what you experience!
        A lot of authors do great research and write about supposedly haunted locales. Kat actually visited each of the sites in her book, so we’re getting history as well as first-person accounts. She has seen shadow people, heard ghosts and felt the presence of spirits. She includes many color photos taken during visits to the sites; I was creeped out by the one with a strange pinkish glow and what could be an orb.
        Knowing its history can explain a lot about a site’s haunting. Ryan’s Tavern in Hamilton once housed several different businesses, and patrons and workers report many strange experiences. One couple left the bar after their basket of French fries hopped across the bar! 
        Ohio’s Haunted Crimes focuses on spirits left behind after crimes. Some of the ghosts have been hanging around for over a century. When explaining why many ghost tales researched and written about occurred in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Kat explains, “This seems to be a comfortable zone for the community to start sharing tales of witnessing the victim’s ghost rising out of the darkness to haunt the curiosity seekers…” And the community is surely sharing!
        The most recent crime occurred in 1976. It’s a cold case from Hamilton County, and Kat includes it because of the urban legends surrounding it. If you can offer assistance in solving the crime, law enforcement would appreciate it.
        Kat begins the book with a glossary of terms for those unfamiliar with ghost hunting. She uses these terms throughout the book, so refer back if you need to. The terms include EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), EMF (or Electromagnetic Field) Detector, Residual Haunt and Intelligent Haunt.
        Ghosts are fun to read about, but how did these spirits become earthbound? Why do they continue hanging around? Kat tells their story and fills in historic background that can help explain why the ghost is still here.
        Is the Lady in Black Imogene Remus, who was shot by her bootlegger husband at the Mirror Lake Gazebo in Eden Park? Is the ghost at Rider’s Inn the former hostess Suzanne? Is she still making guests comfortable; even opening locked doors to admit late-arriving couples?
        Jails, prisons and asylums always have their share of ghosts, and Kat includes more than a few. Old Licking County Jail opened in 1889, and since then many people have died within its walls. The photos are creepy enough—do you dare visit? Kat recounts the tales of infamous prisoners. Did any of them stick around after they died? Ghost Adventures featured the jail on a TV episode.
        You might recognize Ohio State Reformatory (OSR), which has been visited (and televised) by Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. It was also featured in the movies Shawshank Redemption, Air Force One, and Tango and Cash. Godsmack used the site in its “Awake” music video, and rapper Lil Wayne painted a cell gold for his video “Go DJ”.
        OSR has ghost tours. Kat has been on her share and includes her experiences in the book.
        The locations of each site are included, so you can go on your own “Ghost Pilgrimage”.
        I picked up Ohio’s Haunted Crimes, intending to read a few chapters before bed. I ended up staying up all night to finish it. Or maybe I was just too scared to go to bed after reading about all the ghosts!
- Brent Davis


The Haunting of Asylum 49 – Chilling Tales of Aggressive Spirits, Phantom Doctors, and the Secret of Room 666, Richard Estep and Cami Andersen, New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ, 2016, 192pp, $15.99.
The Haunting of Asylum 49: Chilling Tales of Aggressive Spirits, Phantom Doctors, and the Secret of Room 666

When Kimm Andersen first saw the old Tooele Valley Hospital in Colorado, not far from Salt Lake City, he knew it would make the perfect “haunt”—a building set up at Halloween with actors portraying ghosts, zombies, etc. It turned out that the hospital—now called Asylum 49—really is haunted.
        When the hospital closed, personnel simply turned off the lights, walked out and locked the doors, leaving behind nearly all of the medical equipment as well as quite a few ghosts, who occasionally join visitors as they walk through the facility during the yearly Halloween haunt.
        Kimm realized the hospital was haunted after he bought it and began setting up for the first Halloween haunt. He felt as if he were not alone. Then something touched his leg and he ran out in terror. After some thought, he decided the little fingers tugging at his shorts had been an invisible child either playing with him or wanting his attention. He went back inside—albeit reluctantly—and continued construction work.
        Everyone working on the construction team reported strange experiences. Tools disappeared, turning up later in other areas of the hospital. Voices were heard. There were disembodied bangs and knocks. Workers saw things out of the corner of their eye. People have been touched, and even scratched, leaving marks on their bodies.
        A paranormal investigator was asked to research the hospital and surrounding area. In the 19th Century, the Goshute Native American Tribe lived on the land, and in 1849 clashed with the Mormons who had emigrated to the area two years earlier. Tension built and there were many deaths until 1863 when a peace treaty was signed. The infamous and ill-fated Donner Party is also connected to the area.
        Paranormal investigators who have explored the hospital reported lots of EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and sightings. The EVPs aren’t random words or phrases; one investigator said they were “fully lucid, intelligent, sometimes even responding directly to our questions.” There are always ghosts present on the Halloween haunt tours. The hospital has been visited by Ghost Hunters International, who also had experiences.
        The ghosts include a little blonde girl who likes to hide during the Halloween haunts and reach out to touch visitors. An angry ER doctor insists on things being done his way…or else. Burn victim Jeremy’s appearances are always accompanied by the smell of smoke.
        I don’t want to spoil an absolutely fantastic read; I’ll just encourage you to read The Haunting of Asylum 49.
      You can visit the Asylum 49 websites to hear EVPs and see photos: or You can also tour Asylum 49—if you dare. If you decide to visit for the annual Halloween haunt, please tell us what you experience.
- Matt Fellanto


The Power of Angel Medicine – Energetic Exercises and Techniques to Activate Divine Healing, Joanne Brocas, New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ, 2015, 224pp, $14.99.
The Power of Angel Medicine: Energetic Exercises and Techniques to Activate Divine Healing

Joanne Brocas is pretty much an expert on angels; she’s written several books on the subject. I have to warn you up front that this is not a fast read; you need to pay attention because there’s a lot of detail that’s vital, such as the importance of knowing which angel or archangel can help with your individual needs.
         Each of us has a guardian angel, but that doesn’t limit us to just one; other angels can be called on to assist us in a time of need, or to offer guidance. Brocas isn’t afraid to tackle the hard questions readers are bound to ask, such as “Who are the angels?” and “Why do bad things happen to good people if they have guardian angels?”
        The exercises in the book are relatively short and easy to follow. Brocas lists the angels, along with their corresponding energy center, color and what we can call upon them to correct. For example, Archangel Raphael’s energy center is the brow, in the center of the forehead. He is physiologically concerned with the pituitary gland, his divine light frequency is emerald green, and his divine light works at correcting our false perceptions.
        Brocas offers customized exercises and techniques for common complaints, such as working with Archangel Raphael to help heal eye and ear issues. The exercise includes visualizing Raphael’s color, pressing on certain healing points and vocalizing a divine affirmation.
        There are a few photographs in the book to assist in finding the right spot to apply pressure when working with the angels and archangels.
        There is a chapter with angel medicine prayers, including prayers for those who are fearful or feel separated from God, and prayers for divine wisdom and compassion.
        Brocas includes information on the Divine Law of Attraction and teaches how to co-design your own miracles.
        This is a wonderful book full of insight and information. If you are in need of healing on any level, it would behoove you to seek it out.
- Carrie VanHees


Toward the Light – Rescuing Spirits, Trapped Souls, and Earthbound Ghosts, Amy Major, New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ, 2015, 192pp, $14.99.
Toward the Light: Rescuing Spirits, Trapped Souls, and Earthbound Ghosts

I was amazed that a book so helpful and full of information could be so easy to read. Amy Major covers the topic very well in language that anyone can understand.
        We’ve all heard about ghosts, trapped souls and earthbound spirits—and many of us have actually experienced them—but do we really know what they are? Do we understand the concept of “crossing over”? Even if we think we know and understand, each and every one of us will find new information in Amy Major’s book.
        Toward the Light is broken up into incredibly helpful chapters. In the Introduction we learn about Ms. Major’s out-of-body experiences and conversing with her guides, having recurring dreams of past lives, having animal spirits around her, and the feeling of being watched. She learned to use her psychic abilities to become a rescue medium and helping others, including both those experiencing the “haunting” as well as those in the spirit realm doing the haunting.
        The chapter on Connections explains the tools we are each given when we are born and the fact that each of us has a purpose for being here. As Ms. Major explains, “Life isn’t by chance, it’s . . . a choice made by you. . . .  we choose helpers, friends, guides, and mates to help us in our journey of life.” So the people in our lives are here for a reason.
        Ms. Major explains our guides and how they help. We have main guides, lesson guides, and animal guides. Ms. Major also explains the Gold Cord, which connects us to the Divine, and the Silver Cord, which is our connection to our physical body. This information is important as you read the book.
        How and why do spirits become earthbound after death? There are many reasons. A spirit might be afraid of what lies beyond death. Grief can keep a spirit clinging to their physical body and physical life. Anger and rage over the loss of control keeps some spirits earthbound. Unsolved emotional issues can make it difficult to let go and move on. Traumatic death causes confusion; the spirit doesn’t realize it is dead. No matter the reason, some spirits are “stuck” and either unable or unwilling to move on. Animal spirits can also be earthbound.
        What do earthbound spirits do? Some just want attention and do things like move objects or turn lights on and off. Some wander around, feeling trapped in a dream-like state. Others just want to hang around.
        So, what do you do if you think there’s a spirit (or ghost) in your home? Ms. Major explains what a rescue medium is and what he or she does. She also offers rescue techniques we can try on our own. I found it helpful that, although she offers wording for prayers, she doesn’t focus on religion, as it’s possible either the spirit needing rescue or the rescuer (or both) may not be religious. She notes: “If you do not feel comfortable with a rescue prayer, feel free to create your own…”
        What about residual energy—the feelings or energies left behind by a spirit? Ms. Major explains it thoroughly and teaches how to clear it. She also explains spirit attachment, which is when a spirit attaches itself to a living person. How did you get the attachment? How do you clear it? You’ll learn in Chapter 7.
        There’s so much in Toward the Light, and I’d love to share it all with you, but I want to encourage you to read the book for yourself. You’ll learn so much about spirit communication skills, psychic protection, why we feel scared, and how to become a rescue medium if you choose.
        We’re all surrounded by spirits 24/7, but not all of us can sense them, nor do we all sense them the same way. Some feel them, others hear them, some see them, and people like Amy Major communicate with them. Ms. Major explains how we perceive spirits, and explains the non-human negative entities commonly called “demons”.
        I particularly like the chapter called Spirit Rescue Is Not Ghost Hunting. In spirit rescue, you’re helping the spirit, not simply asking, “Is there any spirit here who would like to make its presence known?”
        The glossary is helpful and all terms you might need to know are included.
        I highly recommend Toward the Light to anyone who wants to become a rescue medium, or for anyone who feels they’ve been in contact with the spirit realm. If you think you’ve got an earthbound spirit in your home, Toward the Light will certainly help. As I said, the book is easy to read and understand, and incredibly helpful.
- Sonia Fuentes