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By contributor Matt Stone

For those not familiar with dominoes, they are a set of 28 small oblong blocks, usually made of wood though now a lot are plastic. They measure perhaps 1” wide by up to 2” long and are divided in half, with dots or a blank on each side of the mid-line. There can be anywhere from 1 to 6 dots; therefore, you have double blanks, a single blank with a number, or a certain number of dots on each side. The combination of dots/blanks is what is interpreted.

Dominoes came into fashion in Europe in the 18th century, and like most “games”, it didn’t take long before someone was trying to foretell the future with the little blocks of wood. There is a list of interpretations that is referred to throughout the process.

One procedure is to take the entire set of dominoes and spread them out face down on a flat surface, mixing them thoroughly. The person whose fortune is being told selects one domino at random and consults the chart below. Another procedure is to select three times from the face-down dominoes, but to replace each domino after it is interpreted. If the same domino comes up more than once, it is a very strong indicator that the interpretation is correct.

It may be superstition, but it was believed that it was bad luck to consult the dominoes more than once a month, or on a Monday or Friday.

This is the list of correspondences:

6 / 6: Success in money, marriage and/or career.

6 / 5: Be patient. Don’t give up because what you want will come to fruition after early disappointments.

6 / 4: A happy and healthy life. Though it doesn’t foretell great riches, it does indicate a comfortable life.

6 / 3: Riches, honors, a happy marriage.

6 / 2: Good luck in business unless you are a selfish person, in which case it foretells failure. In matters of love, it foretells a good marriage and a happy family.

6 / 1: Often foretells more than one marriage, the second one happier than the first.

6 / blank: Bad luck in finances. Death – but that could mean the “death” (end) of a matter, such as a job or project.

5 / 5: Success in everything. Everything you touch will be successful.

5 / 4: Not a good sign for finances, as it foretells more going out than coming in. If you have loaned money, don’t expect to get it back. It also foretells a marriage for love rather than money.

5 / 3: If you don’t have a lot of money, your wealth will increase. If you already have a lot of money, your wealth won’t increase, but it won’t decrease either.

5 / 2: More favorable for women than men. It foretells the start something new, but the endeavor means work on your part. Don’t be afraid to put in extra effort. In love matters, it may mean an argument or disagreement.

5 / 1: An active and happy social life. Unfortunately, this combination is not auspicious for your finances.

5 / blank: This combination warns against temptation and dishonesty, either on your part or used against you. Be honest and expect the same in return.

4 / 4: Your hard work will bring success. It also foretells invitations—possibly to a wedding.

4 / 3: You will have the money you need to live a comfortable life, but riches may elude you. There could be an early marriage with only one child.

4 / 2: There will be an important change in your life. It may be a minor change, but it will have important and long-lasting results.

4 / 1: A happy marriage and a happy life. There is prosperity, but not overwhelming. Don’t expect to win millions.

4 / blank: Disappointments and arguments. Be careful not to divulge any secrets—your own or ones that were entrusted to you.

3 / 3: Riches may very well be on the way, but happiness doesn’t always come with them. It doesn’t mean you will be unhappy; your attitude will determine the outcome.

3 / 2: This combination predicts a trip, buying something important, meeting people of the opposite sex. It also indicates recovery of something lost or the repayment of an old debt—which could be an action (a favor) rather than money.

3 / 1: Be wary of people who flatter you; they may not have your best interest at heart. This combination indicates the loss of something, which could be money or your reputation.

3 / blank: If you give love, it may not be returned. It also indicates there could be an argument soon.

2 / 2: Success in your business life as well as your personal life. Thrift is advised—balancing the budget.

2 / 1: Be cautious in business matters. It can predict an unhappy marriage.

2 / blank: Bad luck and trouble in all areas of your life, although the difficulties may be minor. If you are planning a trip, this combination indicates “smooth sailing” and happy times.

1 / 1: Success in business and in love. There is harmony, happiness and affection. There is good luck in financial undertakings.

1 / blank: Early success followed by bad luck. There are early promises of success, happiness and abundance, but if you are not careful, things turn to bad luck and you lose everything. You can avoid disaster by being careful.

Blank / blank: Great disappointment in all areas of your life. The only ones who seem to find good luck in this draw are people who are dishonest, as their dishonest undertakings are successful.

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